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One of the few "black-leaved" plants in existence, this isn't "officially" a grass, but its habit and garden use merit its consideration for edging and other landscaping uses.

Black Mondo Grass is tolerant of shade, very attractive, and trouble free in most settings.

Rely on it to add dramatic color to the border, garden path, or accent plantings.Just 6 inches high, this plant spreads about a foot wide, with long, slender, elegant leaves of a purple so dark they appear black.

It sets small, bright pink blooms in summer, followed by glossy black berries that remain through autumn into winter, but its primary emphasis is on the splendid foliage.

Such a nice change of pace from green- and blue-hued dwarf ornamental grasses!Grow Black Mondo Grass in any good, well-drained soil.

It is highly resistant to heat and drought, but appreciates a winter mulch.

Zones 6-10.

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