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Top Garden Mulches, We would like to advise you with Organic Coco Mulch Block.

Garden Mulches Product Description : Organic Coco Mulch Block

100% organic coco mulch, provides covering for the garden, and can be used as a decorative top dressing for pots and baskets.

It will not mildew or attact bugs.

The mulch expands each time you water and retains waters, need upto 50% less water thatn other traditional mulches.

To combine mulch with potting mix you need to use 3 part of hydrated mulch to 1 part of soil.

One Mulch bloce makes up to 55 quarts of mulch.

It covers 2 cubic feet of space, 12 square foot @ a depth of 2" or 8 sq.ft @ a depth of 3 inches.

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Garden Mulches Product Feature : Organic Coco Mulch Block

  • 100% Organic Bio Degradable Coco Husk Mulch
  • Provides covering for the garden, keeping it moist
  • Will not mildew or attract bugs
  • On mulch block makes up to 56 quart
  • The mulch spreads each time you water and then retains water

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    Best Deal!! Garden Mulches

    The bottom line : Garden Mulches

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